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Head of Market Access

Bangkok, Thailand

Job Type:

Full Time

Job Description:

Main Purpose of Job:

To ensure the highest professional standards in all aspects of Market Access in accordance with the Company’s business objectives, its philosophy, and values. To assist the General Management of the company with strategic choices related to Market Access strategies & their implementation.

Principal Responsibilities:

To comply with all Company procedures, rules, regulations, and codes of practice, in particular observing at all times confidentiality for all documents related to the Company’s business. To ensure that the Company’s business interests are served and kept paramount at all times. With this regard, to work closely with internal and/or external stakeholders to optimize and successfully implement the market access strategies of our products to achieve the company’s objectives.

At all times, maintaining and enhancing the good image of the Company.

Pricing And Reimbursement

  • As Head of Market Access, your major task is to ensure market access excellence by attempting at the optimal pricing and launch timing in the different market segments (public, private) and subsegments (UCS, SSS, CSMBS). In collaboration with the relevant internal (local and global) and external stakeholders, you develop and implement market access strategies to ensure optimal patient access and funding for company’s products, with a primary focus on the oncology portfolio. As such, you are responsible for the following:

    • Understanding the local payer landscape, their reimbursements and decision processes.

    • To develop local access and pricing strategies.

    • To prepare the required payer engagement materials and submission dossiers for pricing and reimbursement approval.

    • To engage the different stakeholders such as payer influencers, payers, policy shapers.

    • To structure, prepare, manage local (national) pricing and reimbursement files, and conduct product access and listing negotiations, in cross department collaboration and related government department.

    • To manage, negotiate and maintain the private sector favorable reimbursement of all new and existing company’s products in Thailand.

    • To monitor legislative changes, and help prepare and advise on action steps i.e., price benchmarking.

    • To work with cross-functional team to develop the national reimbursement strategic access plan in self-pay & tactics for company’s oncology products and align the strategy with cross-functions to maximize patient access.

    • To take a leading role in assessing health economics and outcomes reach (HEOR) studies and their potential usage/impact to optimize local market access in the different market segments, if relevant.

Market Access Environment

  • To engage and build relationships with key medical committees, reimbursement stakeholders and payers to ensure value propositions reflect the patient pathway, care management, meet customer needs supporting access, reimbursement, and negotiation.

  • To support internal education related to health economic evidence and value communication supporting economic value perception shaping of company’s products.

  • To review and analyze the medical environment in oncology field and liaise with the related department.

  • To explore, identify and foster trust-based working relationships with key national, regional, and local stakeholders to bring new products to the local market.

  • To enhance the corporate image by developing a strong network of government and minministries’ntacts that can positively influence the outcomes of healthcare policy.

  • To provide consultancy to related departments on legislative and political matters, as well as influencing strategies.

  • To support disease advocacy activities with KOLs, patient associations and health authorities in cross collaboration.

  • To monitor legislative changes, and help prepare and advise on action steps i.e., price benchmarking.

  • To set up and/or maintain a communication to deliver latest news or developments to the company and related department.

  • To actively participate in all relevant working groups in cooperation with Head Office.

Other Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in internal or external meetings, whenever required. In all matters and at all times, working to the highest professional and Company standards.

  • Communication

    • External stakeholders - Establish optimal relations with relevant officers, payers, and governments organizations’ personnel in order to ensure maximum efficiency and co-operation with regard to the timely and cost-effective completion of all Market Access projects. All activities are to be conducted in compliance with official and company regulations.

    • Internal stakeholders - Maintain and develop professional relationships with all colleagues, whether at Local level (product team members) or Global level (APAC sector management, Global Market Access team).

    • Always promote an ethical professional image as a Representative of the Company.

  • Administration

    • To complete all administration tasks as required.

    • Monthly reports to be completed and submitted to Management on the last working day of each month. The report must detail the status and updates of all your ongoing Market Access projects.

    • Expenses to be completed each month and submitted to Management as per company regulations. All documentation required by Management must be completed and submitted on time.

  • Business Contacts

    • Active, pro-active, and productive cooperation is expected with a focus on the members of the Executive Committee of the company.

    • Representatives and counterparts of related Head-Office Departments and company’s affiliates, and more particularly Asia-Pacific Sector, and other relevant Departments at Head Office (e.g., Global Market Access).

    • Doctors, hospital consultants, investigators, payers, government officers, and other relevant health authority’s department. You will maintain permanent relationship and contact with the officers involved, or likely to be involved, in the building and follow-up of our pricing and reimbursement files.

    • Opinion Leaders in relevant therapeutic areas. Relevant professional bodies.

  • Level of Discretion

    • The jobholder has regular access to highly confidential information regarding.

    • Products and is required to maintain a high level of discretion.


Minimum Requirements

  • Education:

    • Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or Pharm-D with a diploma in health economics would be an advantage.

    • MBA is preferable.

  • Experience:

    • Minimum 5 years of experience in market access and policy, preferably with multinational companies.

    • Previous and relevant experience in Oncology is preferred.

  • Job knowledge:

    • With a focus on oncology.

    • Knowledge of the different market access routes, government relations and/or health technology.

    • Understanding the local payer landscape, their reimbursements and decision processes.

    • Understanding the healthcare system, healthcare business and programs.

    • Understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its environment.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your resume to or fill in your information on the section below.

*All applications will be treated in strict confidentiality. All material submitted in connection with your application will become part of our confidential recruitment files. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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